Have you ever wondered if your pup will ever stop growing? Many dog owners find themselves asking this question as their furry friend continues to grow bigger and bigger.

Knowing when a dog stops growing can help you determine what size of crate or bed, as well as other supplies, you should invest in for your pet.

Let’s explore the answer to this common question and learn more about a dog’s growth timeline.

When Does Growth Begin and End?

Most dogs reach full maturity between one and two years of age, depending on their breed. Smaller breeds tend to mature faster than larger breeds, which means they typically stop growing at an earlier age.

For example, a Chihuahua may be fully grown by the time they are nine months old while a Great Dane may still be growing until they are two years old.

Your Dog’s Breed Matters

Your dog’s breed is an important factor in determining when it will stop growing. Each breed has its own unique growth timeline with specific milestones throughout its life span.

It is important to research the growth timelines of your pup’s breed so that you can understand when they will reach full maturity and plan accordingly for their future needs.

Signs Your Dog is Done Growing

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when your pup will stop growing since each individual dog is different.

However, there are some signs that indicate that your pup has reached full maturity such as having all of its adult teeth and coat color complete.

Additionally, if your pup has stopped gaining height or weight for several months then it is likely that they have fully matured as well.


Knowing when your pup stops growing can help in many areas of preparing for life with them such as buying the right sized crate or bedding and planning out how much food to buy over time since their dietary needs will change as they get older.

Different breeds mature at different rates so it is important to research the growth timeline for your particular type of canine companion before investing in any supplies or making any decisions about their diet or lifestyle habits!

With proper care and nutrition during those vital early stages, you can ensure that your pup reaches full maturity healthy and happy!