As pet owners, it’s natural to want to share our favorite snacks with our four-legged friends. But before you offer your pup some celery as a snack, you might be asking yourself, “Can dogs eat celery?” The answer is yes – but only in moderation!

Let’s take a look at why celery can be a healthy treat for your pup and how much of it is safe for them to eat.

Health Benefits of Celery for Dogs

Celery is full of antioxidants and vitamins that are beneficial to dogs. It contains vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin C – all of which are essential nutrients for dogs. Vitamin A helps improve vision and skin health, while vitamin K helps with blood clotting and bone health.

Vitamin C is an excellent way to boost your dog’s immune system. Additionally, celery contains fiber which can help keep your pup regular and aid in digestion.

How Much Celery Should I Give My Dog?

The best way to determine how much celery your dog should eat is by their size and weight. Generally speaking, small dogs should have no more than one or two stalks per day while larger breeds can have up to three or four stalks per day.

Make sure that the celery is cut into small pieces so that it’s easy for your pup to digest and chew properly. Also, make sure that the celery has been washed thoroughly before feeding it to your pup!


Celery can be a healthy snack option for your pup – but only in moderation! Make sure that you are offering the appropriate amount based on their size and weight so that they don’t suffer any adverse effects from eating too much.

If you want to offer something else as a treat, there are plenty of other healthy options like apples or sweet potatoes that can also provide additional vitamins and minerals without any added sugar or fat.

With responsible feeding habits, both you and your pup can enjoy the benefits of healthy snacking!