Positive reinforcement training is a powerful tool that can be used to train dogs and teach them new behaviors.

It is based on the concept of rewarding desired behaviors with rewards such as treats, toys, or verbal praise.

However, there are times when it is not feasible or desirable to use treats for positive reinforcement training.

In these cases, it is still possible to train your dog without the use of treats using other forms of positive reinforcement.

Verbal Praise

One of the most effective ways to reward your dog without using treats is with verbal praise.

Verbal praise or “good boy” or ”good girl” comments are a great way to let your pup know that they have done something right and should repeat the behavior in the future.

The key to verbal praise is consistency – make sure you give your pup consistent praise when they do something correctly so they know what behavior you want them to repeat in the future.

Play Time

Another way to reward your pup without using treats is by incorporating playtime into their training sessions.

Playtime can be an effective way to reinforce good behavior and create a strong bond between you and your pup.

Playing with your pup after they do something correctly will help show them that good behavior leads to fun activities like playing fetch or tug-of-war!


Using toys as positive reinforcements can also be an effective way of training without treats – especially if your pup seems more interested in toys than food!

Toys provide mental stimulation for pups and can keep them engaged during longer training sessions; plus, some pups find toys more rewarding than food!

Keep in mind that you should use different types of toys throughout the session so that things stay interesting for your pup!


Positive reinforcement training techniques don’t always require treats – there are plenty of other ways to reward good behavior while still teaching your pup new skills!

Verbal praise, playtime, and toys are all great alternatives that can help reinforce desired behaviors while providing mental stimulation for pups during their training sessions.

With patience and consistency, you can train your pup without ever having to reach for a treat bag!