If you are a dog owner, it is important to familiarize yourself with the potential symptoms of poisoning in your pet.

Knowing what to look for can help ensure that your pup gets the treatment they need if they ever come into contact with a poisonous substance.

Let’s take a look at some of the common signs of dog poisoning and how you can protect your pet from harm.

Types of Poisons That Can Affect Dogs

There are many different types of poisons that dogs can be exposed to, ranging from toxic food items to household cleaners and even certain plants.

In some cases, these toxins can enter the body through ingestion or inhalation, while others will cause skin irritation when they come into contact with fur or paws. It is important to recognize which substances could be toxic and take steps to keep them out of reach.

Signs and Symptoms of Dog Poisoning

If your pup has been exposed to a poisonous substance, there are several warning signs that could indicate an issue.

These include vomiting, difficulty breathing, drooling, loss of coordination, dilated pupils, lethargy or trembling, convulsions or seizures, and changes in skin color or temperature. In extreme cases, prolonged exposure can lead to death.

Treatments for Dog Poisoning

If you suspect that your pup has been poisoned, it is essential that you seek medical attention as soon as possible.

Your veterinarian will likely recommend inducing vomiting or administering activated charcoal in order to remove any remaining toxins from the body.

They may also provide additional treatments such as fluids or other medications depending on the severity of the situation.


The best way to protect your dog from poisoning is by being aware of which substances could be dangerous and taking steps to keep them out of reach.

However, if your pup does become exposed it is important to act quickly by seeking medical attention right away in order to reduce the risk of serious health complications.

Familiarizing yourself with the symptoms and treatments associated with dog poisoning can give you peace of mind knowing that you are prepared if ever needed!