Have you ever wondered if dogs can see color? Many people assume that dogs’ vision is only in black and white, but this isn’t the case.

Dogs are actually able to see a range of colors, just not as many as humans. Let’s explore this topic further and find out what color your pup sees.

How Dogs See Color

Dogs are considered to have dichromatic vision, meaning they have two types of cones in their eyes (humans have three). This means that while dogs can still see color, they don’t perceive it in the same way humans do.

While humans can distinguish between hundreds of shades of color, dogs are limited to seeing blues and yellows, with some shades of gray or brown mixed in. In other words, their color vision is similar to someone who is red-green colorblind.

So why does this happen? The answer lies in evolution. Wild dogs need to be able to spot prey from a distance and differentiate between different shades of green and yellow for camouflage purposes.

Being able to distinguish between smaller variations in colors like oranges and purples isn’t necessary for survival, so over time their eyes evolved to be less sensitive to these colors.

Another interesting fact about how dogs see color is that their eyes are more sensitive than ours when it comes to light levels and movement detection; however because our eyes contain more cones, we have an advantage when it comes to distinguishing between different colors.

This explains why your pup might not seem too interested in colorful toys or treats; they simply don’t appear as vibrant or inviting as they would to us!


All in all, while our canine companions aren’t able to appreciate the full spectrum of colors that we do, they still possess the ability to detect a wide range of hues – just not as many as us!

Knowing how your pup perceives the world around them can help you better understand their behavior and tailor activities accordingly – such as buying toys specifically designed with brighter colors that stand out more for them!

Ultimately though, even without being able to appreciate all the nuances that come along with different shades of blue or red – there’s no denying that our beloved pups will always remain loyal companions no matter what!