About Us

Grant was always passionate about dogs. He loved going on long walks with his family’s golden retriever and found himself constantly reading up on all the different breeds of pups out there.

So when he decided to start a website blog about everything related to man’s best friend, it was only natural for him to take the opportunity and make it happen.

He had no idea how much work would be involved in maintaining his site – from updating its content daily to managing social media accounts associated with it – but Grant was determined to make it work.

Every morning, he’d wake up early and spend hours researching topics like training tips or nutrition advice that could help pet owners better care for their furry friends.

As time went by, more people started visiting Grant’s blog which meant he got busy responding to comments from readers as well as networking with other dog-related sites in order to get more exposure for his own project.

It wasn’t easy balancing between writing posts and dealing with online marketing tasks but somehow Grant managed to pull through without burning out thanks mostly to due diligence and enthusiasm towards this project of his.