Appearing at a dive near you, the Dune Dogs have appeared in such “low places” as THE SARGASSO GRILL, Ocracoke Community Center, The Angus Barn, Swamp Music Revival and the legendary Finchman’s Bar and Grill. If you ever find yourself with a hankern’ for a little “Country-fried Swamp n’ roll”, just call out “the Dogs”…a snarlin’, mangy, feisty pack of old pups who really know how to “put on the dog”...

“Fly dogs fly, across that southern sky,

Your collar’s off, it’s time for you to play.

Fly dogs fly, gonna get so high,

Just lift yo’ leg and piss yo’ fears away.”


Upcoming Events:

2017 Twelfth Annual Ocracoke

Volunteer Firemen's Ball

Ocracoke, NC

 Saturday May 27th



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